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Supermarine Mk26 Spitfire promotional video #1

Promotional video of the superb Supermarine Mk26 Spitfire, with Mike O' Sullivan (Founder/Director of Supermarine Aircraft). Campbell Aviation are your sole authorised N.Z. agents for the American built all-metal two-seat 90% scale Supermarine Mk26B Spitfire aircraft kitsets...for more go to


Spitfire Gun camera actual combat footage - Battle of Britain - RAF

They called them Spitfires.The clue is in the name. Actual combat footage of aerial warfare. World War 2. This is not a political film. Battle of Britain tit...

The Spitfire and the Lancaster - Australian Documentary


Top Gear the Spitfire challenge

Jeremy, Richard and James fulfilling their and almost every man's childhood dream, to fly the mighty Spitfire.

Spitfire Ace 1 of 4 - First Of The Few

Four young pilots are given the chance to compete for the nine hours of operational training that a Battle of Britain pilot would have received and – in the ...

Spitfire (Original Mix) - Porter Robinson (HD)

This is the title song off of Porter Robinson's upcoming full-length album "Spitfire". Album drops on September 15th! Expect it on iTunes, Beatport, and Amaz...

Martin Phillips' Spitfire last aircraft at Filton rebuilt by Aerial Museum's John Hart December 2012

Then we go to Filton Airfield which closed at the end of 2012. Aircraft Eng...

Cockpit footage from Biltema Spitfire displaying at Jarlsberg Airshow 2012

Visit from Pär Cederkvist 21/8-12 prior to Jarlsberg Airshow sunday 02. sept 2012. Normal Quality video for faster download. Cockpit footage from operating t...

Public Service Broadcasting - Spitfire (Live on KEXP)

http://KEXP.ORG presents Public Service Broadcasting performing "Spitfire" live in the KEXP studio. Recorded February 23, 2014. Host: Dj Shannon Audio Engine...

Titanfall In Depth - Spitfire LMG (& Faster ADS Trick)

Smart Pistol: My Twitter: The Spitfire LMG is an untraditional light machine gun t...