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Steve Vai

Steve Vai


Steve Vai - I`m The Hell Outta Here (LIVE)

Amazing Guitar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steve Vai - Crossroads Duel Live - Fire Garden Tour

Rig Rundown - Steve Vai PG's Rebecca Dirks is on location at Steve Vai's Harmony Hut studio in Los Angeles. In this video, Steve shows you which of his signatu...

Steve Vai Lesson: The Crossroads "Intimidation Lick"

Update 4.6.2014 - Thanks for the positive comments -- appreciated! If you dig the investigative/analytical approach in this lesson, you may also dig the web ...

Steve Vai's 3 Necked Guitar Solo!

Awesome solo of an awesome guitar player. The best to me! Taked from G3 - Live from Denver!

Steve Vai - Answers (Live in Singapore 2014)

Steve Vai introduces the Ibanez JEM-EVO

Ibanez celebrates 25 years of Steve Vai's signature model JEM with the limited edition JEM-EVO.

The Zloz Hour - Steve Vai

Guitarist and musician EXTRAORDINAIRE, Steve Vai stopped by The Zloz Hour to talk about guitar, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and more! If you're a fan of guitar...

"The Crying Machine" (Full Song) - Steve Vai

Steve Vai and the String Theories band perform the song "The Crying Machine" from the new DVD "Live In Minneapolis - Where The Wild Things Are". The show was...