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Suffocation Biography


Suffocation is an American death metal band that was formed in 1989 in New York. The band comprises vocalist Frank Mullen, guitarists Terrance Hobbs and Guy Marchais, drummer Mike Smith and bassist Derek Boyer. Suffocation rose to prominence of death metal and created a blueprint for the genre for the 1990s with their 1991 debut album Effigy of the Forgotten and released six studio albums since its formation. The band's grindcore-influenced technical death metal style uses guttural vocals with a bottom-heavy guitar sound; complex, fast guitar riffs and drumming, and "sophisticated" sense of songwriting. Their debut, Effigy of the Forgotten, is considered a classic by most, topping the charts of many fans' "all-time favorites" lists. Also worth noting is their debut EP, Human Waste, which was the first official release on relapse records in 1991. The band went through a few member changes before briefly disbanding after their release, Despise the Sun, only to re-emerge in 2004 with the album, Souls to Deny. A video for the song, Surgery of Impalement, has been featured on such outlets as Headbanger's Ball and Uranium. In 2006, They released the self-entitled, Suffocation on Relapse. A videoclip was made for the song, Abomination Reborn. The song and (most of) the band was featured in a commercial for, appropriately enough, The History Channel's series, Dark Ages. In 2007, the band left Relapse Records. Their latest album, Blood Oath, was released through Nuclear Blast Records, with whom the band signed in September, 2008. There is a rumored concert DVD in the works, but contractual disputes and alleged theft of the source material have delayed the project.

Suffocation Metal Albums

Pierced From Within Thumbnail Image

Limited vinyl LP pressing of this 2005 album from the Finnish Metal band. The follow-up to 2003’s Hate Crew Deathroll is even more straight-forward than its [...]

Live Death: Recorded Live at the Milwaukee Metal Fest Thumbnail Image

Limited edition pressing of the ever-popular Jersey rockers’ brand new 2001 live album with a five track live bonus disc featuring the performances they gave of [...]

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