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Summoning - Minas Morgul [Full Album]

Banda : Summoning Genero : Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal Año : 1995 País : Austria Lista de canciones : 1 - Soul Wandering 2 - Lugburz 3 - The Passing of the ...

Summoning - Of Pale White Morns and Darkened Eves (w/Lyrics)

Summoning - Of pale white morns and darkened eves w/lyrics Album: Old Morning Dawn, 2013 All rights belong to their respective owners, Napalm Records and Sum...

Summoning - Oath Bound (Full album)

Yet another amazing album from Summoning, hope you enjoy ;) 1.«Bauglir» (2:58) 2.«Across the Streaming Tide» (10:20) 3.«Mirdautas Vras» (8:13) 4.«Might and G...

Summoning - Let Mortal Heros Sign Your Fame (Full Album)

Hope you enjoy this album :) 1."A New Power Is Rising" -- 4:08 2."South Away" -- 6:04 3."In Hollow Halls Beneath the Fells" -- 8:56 4."Our Foes Shall Fall" -...

Summoning - Farewell

I do not own this music, it belongs to its rightful owners, the band Summoning. Please be kind enough to support the band by purchasing their CD's. You won't...

Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn (w/Lyrics)

Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn Old Mornings Dawn, 2013 All Rights reserved to Summoning and Napalm Records Please support the band and buy the CD/Vinyl on Nap...

Summoning - Land of the Dead (full, best quality)

I wasn't happy with the quality of the only other full length version on youtube, so here you have Land of the Dead in an excellent quality.

'Summoning Insight' Episode 5: LCS EU and NA playoffs (with special guest Froggen)

Alliance's Mid laner Froggen joins MonteCristo and Thorin for Episode 5 of 'Summoning Insight' to discuss the LCS playoff results.

Summoning - Long Lost To Where No Pathway Goes

Summoning's 'Long Lost To Where No Pathway Goes' ...with Nature, Fire and Fog... and a telephone pole ;-) Lyrics: My star, I saw it high and far At the parti...