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DOL GULDUR (1996) - SUMMONING Track listing 1. Angbands Schmieden 3:29 2. Nightshade Forests 10:48 3. Elfstone 10:51 4. Khazad Dûm 10:57 5. Kôr 10:59 6. Wyrm...

Summoning - Minas Morgul [Full Album]

Banda : Summoning Genero : Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal Año : 1995 País : Austria Lista de canciones : 1 - Soul Wandering 2 - Lugburz 3 - The Passing of the ...

Summoning Insight Episode 17 VOD, with special guest Tabzz

Tabzz, AD Carry of Alliance, joins Monte and Thorin on Episode 17, to discuss EU LCS and Gleeb's removal from TSM.

Summoning - Oath Bound (Full album)

Yet another amazing album from Summoning, hope you enjoy ;) 1.«Bauglir» (2:58) 2.«Across the Streaming Tide» (10:20) 3.«Mirdautas Vras» (8:13) 4.«Might and G...

Summoning - Let Mortal Heros Sign Your Fame (Full Album)

Hope you enjoy this album :) 1."A New Power Is Rising" -- 4:08 2."South Away" -- 6:04 3."In Hollow Halls Beneath the Fells" -- 8:56 4."Our Foes Shall Fall" -...

Summoning - Of Pale White Morns and Darkened Eves (w/Lyrics)

Summoning - Of pale white morns and darkened eves w/lyrics Album: Old Morning Dawn, 2013 All rights belong to their respective owners, Napalm Records and Sum...

Summoning - Flammifer (w/Lyrics)

This is fan made video! It is my little gift to this wonderful band and to all their fans across the globe! So enjoy it and all hail mighty Summoning! Band: ...

Summoning - Long Lost To Where No Pathway Goes

Summoning's 'Long Lost To Where No Pathway Goes' ...with Nature, Fire and Fog... and a telephone pole ;-) Lyrics: My star, I saw it high and far At the parti...

Summoning - Land of the Dead (full, best quality)

I wasn't happy with the quality of the only other full length version on youtube, so here you have Land of the Dead in an excellent quality.