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Swashbuckle - Crime Always Pays... [Album 2010]

0:00 A Slowly Wept the Sea 2:58 We Are the Storm 6:34 This Round's on YOU! 10:21 Powder Keg 12:25 Where Victory Is Penned 16:31 Of Hooks and Hornswogglers 19:31 A Time of Wooden Ships and Iron Men 23:34 Crime Always Pays 26:56 Raw Doggin' at the Raw Bar 30:44 The Gallow's Pole Dancer 35:01 Legacy's Allure 36:34 At The Bottom of a Glass 41:29 To Steal a Life 43:39 You Bring The Cannon, We'll Bring The Balls 46:45 Surf-N-Turf (for Piratical Girth) 49:38 Rope's End Swashbuckle est un groupe américain de thrash/pirate metal formé en 2005 dans le New Jersey par : Admiral Nobeard (Patrick Henry) - chant, basse ; Commodore Redrum (Justin Greczyn) - guitare, chœurs, claviers ; Legendary Pirate King (Eric W. Brown) - batterie, percussions.



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