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Teaze Biography


Teaze was originally formed in Windsor, Ontario in the mid 70's and started out as a cover band playing In 1976, Teaze recorded a number of demo songs in hopes of securing a recording contract but the demos were so good they ended up being released as the debut self-titled Teaze album on a small local label. The record attracted the attention of Aquarius Records and the band were signed to a national recording contract. Teaze relocated to Montreal where the debut album for the label, "On The Loose" was recorded and released in 1977 with producer George Lagios. The album featured ten songs mostly written by the band members that were mainly hard rock numbers except for one. The song " Sweet Misery" was a country and western styled ballad that became a hit for the band. While the song attracted radio attention and made Teaze stars, it was not the kind of publicity the band wanted. Teaze was a hard rock band and worked very hard on stage to live up to that reputation but the song "Sweet Misery" gave the public the wrong impression of the band's sound. Another single " Gonna Have A Good Time Tonite", an Easybeats cover, was released but failed to match the success of " Sweet Misery". The album would establish Teaze as one of Canada's top bands and would lead to a successful world tour and a recording contract in the U.S.A. .

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