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Dani Filth's favourite British extreme metal album - Terrorizer TV

Cradle Of Filth frontman Dani Filth recently sat down with Terrorizer magazine to tell us his favourite Britist extreme metal album. 'The Manticore And Other Horrors' is released October 29 on Peaceville Terrorizer's Secret History Of Extreme Britain is available to buy now from here.


Terrorizer - World Downfall - 1989 - (Full Album)

01.After World Obliteration - 00:00 02.Storm of Stress - 03:30 03.Fear of Napalm - 04:57 04.Human Prey - 07:59 05.Corporation Pull-in - 10:07 06.Strategic Wa...

Terrorizer - Hordes of Zombies (FULL ALBUM)

01 - Intro 0:00 02 - Hordes Of Zombies 1:52 03 - Ignorance And Apathy 5:20 04 - Subterfuge 7:30 05 - Evovling Era 9:30 06 - Radiation Syndrome 12:54 07 - Fle...

Terrorizer "World Downfall" 1989 Full album DISCO COMPLETO

Año: 1989 Death/Grind Pais: USA 1- After World Obliteration 2- Storm of Stress 3- Fear of Napalm 4- Human Prey 5- Corporation Pull-In 6- Strategic Warheads 7...

Terrorizer - Hordes of Zombies

Official video from grindcore legend Terrorizer's third album, "Hordes of Zombies". Directed by Wolf.

Terrorizer - Darker Days Ahead FULL ALBUM

i do not own this.

Terrorizer - fear of napalm

betcha wanted to hear this on youtube huh? i mean Vader's cover is extremely good and i happen to love it, but you know what they say: nothing beats the orig...

TERRORIZER L.A. feat. Oscar Garcia at Grindcore fest 2014, 7-12-14 (complete performance)

War-Head - Terrorizer (Official Video)

War-Head - Terrorizer (Official Video) Video by GERILAFilm Production Osijek. Director/Editor/Camera 2: Robert Ferenc DP/Camera 1: Igor Sambolec Taken from f...

Sandavol Harrison Molina aka Terrorizer @ Megavod 9-14-13

Terrorizer. Video by Eric Grant.