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The Acacia Strain

The Acacia Strain

The Acacia Strain Biography


The Acacia Strain is a four-piece hardcore band based in Chicopee, Massachusetts, USA. The band is currently signed to Prosthetic Records. They have been together since 2001, but have undergone many member changes, and have four studio albums, as well as a split seven-inch record with Loyal to the Grave on which they cover "Seasons In The Abyss", originally recorded by Slayer. The band also covers "Vocal Test" ,originally preformed by Integrity, at live shows. The band has worked with acclaimed producers Adam Dutkiewicz (Killswitch Engage) and Zeuss (Shadows Fall and Hatebreed). As of 2009, they have released 4 studio albums: 2002 - ...And Life Is Very Long 2004 - 3750 2006 - The Dead Walk 2008 - Continent

The Acacia Strain Metal Albums

Continent Thumbnail Image

It’s a relatively cool night for May and the peaceful silence of a small Massachusetts town is shattered. Although it is not overbearingly loud, keen ears [...]

The Dead Walk Thumbnail Image

Japanese edition of side project by Alan West (Obituary) andChris Burns (Cannibal Corpse) with three bonus tracks:’Insect’, ’Drowning’ and ’Grinder’. 15 tracks total. 1997Metal Blade Records [...]

3750 Thumbnail Image

”Live In Los Angeles” is Trouble’s first release with Kory Clarke on vocals. The set list includes some of the cream of the crop – classic [...]

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