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The Crucified

The Crucified

The Crucified Biography


Formed in the mid-80's, The Crucified followed the crossover trend of punk-metal into the Christian world, releasing 2 demos, very much punk in nature, which would later be re-released in 1994 on the album "Nailed". Their first official release, their self-titled album, changed the face of christian crossover metal forever and their final recording "The Pillars Of Humanity", a much more speed metal thrash album, made them legends which many bands still emulate even years later.

The Crucified Metal Albums

Pillars Of Humanity Thumbnail Image

True punk/thrash pioneers, The Crucified, inspired and impacted an entire genre still seen and heard today. ”Pillars of Humanity” is the landmark album that fans hail [...]

Complete Collection (2 CD/1 DVD) Thumbnail Image

The Brotherhood is another metal masterwork from this German band. If you are already a fan, you will not be disappointed. The heart and soul of [...]

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