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The Fall of Troy

The Fall of Troy

The Fall of Troy Biography


The Fall of Troy was a three-piece progressive band from Mukilteo, Washington. Members consisted of Thomas Erak (lead vocals, guitar), Andrew Forsman, (drums), and Frank Ene (bass, backup vocals). The Fall of Troy formed in 2002. Popularity grew from the large sound they produced out of only three members. Thomas took skill in playing technical guitar riffs over his vocals, which consisted of harsh shrill screams and soothing vocal melodies. Drummer Andrew Forsman pulled off Thomas' intense sound by precisely accenting each guitar and vocal melody with fast technical drum playing. It was all tied together by bass master Tim Ward who brought depth and feel to the band through his jammin' bass lines and brutal backing vocals. In 2007 Tim ward left the band and was replaced by Frank Ene. Frank kept up very well with the band's sound while touring and in the releases of "Phantom on the horizon" and "In The Unlikely Event." On February 26, 2010, Thomas announced that the band were parting ways following their upcoming "The Marked Men of 2010" tour. See his post on here. The Fall of Troy draws influence from bands following progressive roots, such as: King Crimson and Yes, while also combining it with the modern experimental sound influenced by bands like At the Drive-In and The Blood Brothers. They also claimed to be influenced by a wide variety of bands from The Beatles and Weezer to Aphex Twin and lots of hip hop.

The Fall of Troy Metal Albums

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