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The Fall of Troy

The Fall of Troy

"The Fall of Silas Galloway" by Dan Weatherer | Daylight Dims | the scariest creepypasta readings!

This chilling tale for dark nights is brought to you by Check out our website for more creepy stories for those long, dark nights. This story is featured in the horror anthology, "Daylight Dims," available for purchase here: SUBMIT YOUR STORY HERE! NOT A WRITER, BUT ENJOY HORROR? REQUEST A STORY HERE! VISIT OUR SOCIAL MEDIA SITES! Facebook: Twiitter: Tumblr: iTunes podcast: RSS: GOT A QUESTION? CONTACT US HERE: "The Fall of Silas Galloway" From: Daylight Dims Website: Author: Dan Weatherer Narrator: Jesse Cornett In this story, which is featured in the upcoming AMAZING horror anthology Daylight Dims (, con-artist Silas Galloway puts on seances, involving one of the first Ouija boards to come to the New World, in order to make himself rich on the backs of unsuspecting wealthier citizens. However, something happens during what should have been one of his mos profitable con jobs - a spirit actually manifests. A real one. What follows is why this story is classified as "horror," and deservedly so. This story marks the second narrative effort of Jesse Cornett. Fantastic job, Jesse, and great job, Mr. Dan Weatherer, for the fantastic tale! This story is featured in the horror anthology, "Day Lights," available for purchase here. Please support the author and the editors of Daylight Dims by purchasing a copy now: Music credits: Thomas Koner Tags: "Chilling Tales for Dark Nights" "scary stories" "horror stories" "short horror" "ghost stories" "chilling tales" "spooky stories" "creepy stories" "creepy pasta" creepypasta horror chilling spooky scary story stories reading narration telling chillingtalesfordarknights "" folklore Halloween folktales haunted ghost ghosts paranormal scared scream "Daylight Dims" If you love the work of narrators such as Mr. Creepypasta (MrCreepyPasta), Creeps McPasta (CreepsMcPasta), and Creepypasta Jr. (CreepyPastaJr), we guarantee you'll love Chilling Tales for Dark Nights!


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