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The Guess Who

The Guess Who

No Time Guitar Lesson Preview - The Guess Who Learn to play No Time theory lesson. Full lesson found at Visit the site for free guitar lessons, TARGET program, forum, community, and contests. No Time is a song The Guess Who recorded and released twice, with the second one becoming a hit from their 1970 album American Woman. It opens with a great, distorted guitar lick that translates pretty well to the acoustic guitar. The rest of the song is mostly strumming rhythm guitar but the lesson covers a few of the lead fills as well. - Complete Free Lessons - Community - Chat Room - Forum - Your Own Blog - Recommend A Lesson - Membership is free join now!


the GUESS WHO ? - together again- TORONTO ONTARIO 1983 LIVE

Excellent live reunion concert with all original members of the 2nd (but more recognized) version of Guess who, sans Chad Allan sadly. They had not played to...

The Guess Who - Share The Land Canadian Classic Rock Icons "The Guess Who"

THE GUESS WHO - 1970 - "Share The Land"

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The Guess Who American Woman The Midnight Special

the guess who live, american woman.

No sugar tonight- The Guess who

excelente canción que refleja el alto nivel del rock de los años setenta.

The Guess Who - No Time

The Guess Who "Shakin' All Over"

The Guess Who perform "Shakin' All Over" live in Toronto in 1983. When you move in right up close to me That's when I get the chills all over me Quivers down...

The Guess Who early history - 3 songs - Tribute To Buddy Holly +

It's time to share more history stored in my place. 1) Tribute To Buddy Holly 1962 first record of Chad Allen and the Reflections, Chad Allen vocal. The end ...