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The Guess Who

The Guess Who

American Woman - The Guess Who (Cover by Sean Sonego)

Hi Everyone, This is yet another live video. This video is completely raw. No audio or video effects or adjustments have been made. This is exactly what was captured by the camera. This is a live performance that occurred this past summer at the 2012 Edmonton Rock Music Festival that took place in Edmonton, AB. Musical acts included Rock Legends such as Trooper, Blue Oyster Cult, April Wine, and many more. This great band that I had the opportunity to play with consisted of the following talented musicians: Andrew Reid - Keyboard Erin Yamabe - Vocals Chris Wiebe - Drums Mallory Chipman - Vocals Andreas Wegner - Bass Brett Hansen - Guitar Thank you so much to Justin Brunelle for filming this video and thank you to all of you for your continuous support!! Please continue to check the YouTube channel every 3 weeks for a new YouTube video. Sincerely, Sean Sonego


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the guess who live, american woman.

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NO TIME - THE GUESS WHO - Easy Guitar Lesson With TABS

Tabs for this lesson available on my guitar lesson website: E------------------------------------------------------...

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