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The Haunted

The Haunted

Trials Evolution - THE HAUNTED MANSION!

Feel free to leave a like, favorite or anything you can to show support. Much love. Trials Evolution Playlist: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: T-Shirts: Trials Evolution with HD Xbox 360 and PS3 Gameplay by theRadBrad. This Trials Evolution Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review and Gameplay. Trials Evolution was released on April 18, 2012 on Xbox Live Arcade, by developer Redlynx, a Ubisoft Studio. Featuring a custom game-engine and robust Editor, modes include Single Player and Multiplayer Motocross tracks, as well as Skill Games. Tracks can be played from the included set, and you can download other players' Editor creations, or upload your own, in the all new Track Central. Players can customize their rider and bike in the Garage, and can see how they perform in the Leaderboards. Trials Evolution also includes all new License Tests to make sure that you have the skills and techniques you need to conquer Single Player.


The Haunted - S03E04 - Don't Go In The Attic


The Haunted - S03E01 - Monster in the Closet


The Haunted S02E10 Invasion of the Poltergeist 1]

The Haunted - S01E13 - The Bloody Man

The Haunted - S03E06 - Murder in Room 12


The Haunted S01E07 Leave House 1]

The Haunted - S03E05 - Stalked by a Vampire


The Haunted S02E01 The Demonic Seduction 1]

The Haunted S02E09 House of the Rising Dead 1]