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The Haunted

The Haunted

The Haunted Printer!

What a sassy printer! Read how to win! Have your own funny printer idea? Check out this Friday, Jan 21. Rules On How To Win: "Entries" are over! We will announce the winner on - good luck!! My twitter: Alli's info: FTC Disclaimer: Thanks to HP for sponsoring this video and allowing me to give you guys free stuff!


The Haunted - S03E04 - Don't Go In The Attic


The Haunted - S03E01 - Monster in the Closet


The Haunted S02E10 Invasion of the Poltergeist 1]

The Haunted - S01E13 - The Bloody Man

The Haunted - S03E06 - Murder in Room 12


The Haunted S01E07 Leave House 1]

The Haunted - S03E05 - Stalked by a Vampire


The Haunted S02E01 The Demonic Seduction 1]

The Haunted S02E09 House of the Rising Dead 1]