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The Haunted

The Haunted

The Haunted Mansion - RCT3

(Please read full for park download instructions!) If you wish to use my RCT3 Haunted Mansion recreation in videos, or any other format, please give credit to either Jeremy Kohrs or Kohrsfilms. I WILL NOT allow any uncredited or falsely credited use of my recreation! This is a video ride-thru of my Haunted Mansion re-creation on Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. I worked on this recreation of the mansion for well over a year! I hope you all like it. I WILL NOT ANSWER ANYMORE RCT3 QUESTIONS!!! If you have any RCT3 questions please post them over on the RCT3 forums. I'm really getting tired of answering everyone's questions. I haven't played the game in years! It doesn't run on my computer anymore, so I've forgotten many of the technical aspects having to do with the game. Please direct your questions to the link below. If you would like to download my RCT3 Mansion go to this link... Once you download the park file, put it in the My Documents\RCT3\Parks folder. Then you can open the park under Sandbox mode. You will need to have the RCT3 Soaked expansions in order for it to work. In addition you will need the custom scenery packs listed below. You can also download all the necessary custom scenery packs from these sites. The major custom scenery packs needed to make the mansion work are... Main Street set 1-3 by Shyguy Catfish Cove by Shyguy DRP's Lightz by DarkRidePerson Iceatcs' Timber frame by Iceatcs The Haunted Mansion 1-4 by Disfan1 Circus Center Set by Shyguy Expo 3000 set by Shyguy ScreamWorx by JCat Frameworks by Klinn (Please note, all the above custom scenery packs are not available with the park download. Just extract the custom scenery folders to C:\Program Files\Atari\RollerCoaster Tycoon® 3\Style\Themed.) If you download the park, open it up in sandbox mode, and if the game automatically shuts off as it's loading. Your computer is probably not fast enough to run the mansion. The RCT3 Haunted Mansion is very detail heavy and may not be able to run on all computers due to it's size and detail.


The Haunted - S03E01 - Monster in the Closet


The Haunted - S03E04 - Don't Go In The Attic


The Haunted - S01E13 - The Bloody Man

The Haunted - S01E17 - The Touch of Death

The Haunted S02E10 Invasion of the Poltergeist 1]

The Haunted - S01E19 - Invasion of the Poltergeist

The Haunted - S03E06 - Murder in Room 12


The Haunted S01E07 Leave House 1]

The Haunted - S03E05 - Stalked by a Vampire