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The Haunted

The Haunted


EVH 5150 50W - The Haunted Trespass Play through

So we took a short break from writing songs for the new The Haunted album. This was a first take play through of the song we recorded so there are some mista...

Northeast Party House // The Haunted

Northeast Party House // The Haunted All rights go to the Artists. I claim nothing, but a love for great music. Enjoy the vibes, and spread the Epi Demix ;) ...

The Haunted S01E05 The Demon House 1]

made with ezvid, free download at Some said that was a demon in the front window, it's not, it's a woman and the evil is standing behind her. Video. PREPARIN...

Sightings - The Haunted Neighborhood

Sightings: The Haunted Neighborhood Broadcast: 10/25/1998 on Sci-Fi Host: Tim White.

The Haunted 1991 TV movie (1/10)

Part 1.

The Haunted S01E09 The Door 1]

audio-visual and a bit of mechanical effect at the Cosmo World haunted house - The Judge. XD. Just saw that I haven't recorded a cover for a löng whıle! Well...

The Haunted S02E06 Land of Misery 1]

The Haunted Hathaways Haunted Principal

The Haunted Hathaways Haunted Brothers (Full Episode) videolarını The Haunted Hathaways Season 1, Episode 17 -- Haunted Brothers. The Haunted Hathaways Haunt...


In this month`s edition, a return to the haunted house and lots more activity, a visit to a beautiful haunted church, weird EVP accidentally caught on cam, a...