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The Melvins

The Melvins

The Melvins with Trevor Dunn (Melvins Lite): Live @ The Ottobar, 10/7/2012, (Part 1)

Show 33 of 51. The following testimonial on this temporary new outfit referring to its damn self as "Melvins Lite" comes courtesy of (and given the wording, it was likely typed out by a certain member of the band): "In this configuration, Buzzo and Dale or joined by none other then Trevvy Dunn (Fantômas, Mr Bungle, Tomahawk, MadlLove, Trio Convulsant, etc.) on upright bass. But be sure, this ain't no hipster jazz outing for the legendary Melvins, just another obtuse chapter in the redefining of music as we know it. The hair might not be as big but the sound will still eat you! "Oh and the hardest working band ever has plenty in store to support "Freak Puke". Beginning Sept 5th the Melvins will make an attempt at history by playing 51 shows in all 50 states in the United States and 1 in DC in just 51 days!!!!!! Never been done... til now! See it up close, be part of it!" -- Shot by Tom Kessler


The Melvins - Live @ Hellfest 2011 (full set)

The Melvins - Live @ Hellfest 2011 (full set) Tracklist: 01-Hung Bunny 02-Roman Bird Dog 03-The Water Glass 04-Evil New War God 05-It's Shoved 06-Anaconda 07...

Melvins - Honey Bucket

Melvins - "The Talking Horse" Melvins "The Talking Horse" Directed by Behn Fannin Album: (A) Senile Animal ©2006 Ipecac Records Produced by Behn Fannin Starring ...

Melvins - 'Stag' (Full Album)

'Stag' (1996) 1.The Bit 0:00 - 4:42 2.Hide 4:42 - 5:31 3.Bar-X-The Rocking M 5:31 - 7:54 4.Yacobs Lab 7:54 - 9:09 5.The Bloat 9:09 - 12:50 6.Tipping the Lion...

Melvins - Houdini (1993) (Full Album)

Houdini is the fifth album by Melvins, which was released in 1993 through Atlantic Records. Track List : 01 Hooch - 0:00 02 Night Goat - 2:50 03 Lizzy - 7:31...

King Buzzo of the Melvins full acoustic set @ Grimey's Record Shop

in Nashville, TN. 3/18/14.

Melvins - 'The Maggot' (Full Album)

'The Maggot' (1999) First Part In The 'Trilogy' 1. AMAZON 0:00 - 7:28 2. we all love JUDY 7:28 - 10:00 3. manky 10:00 - 17:28 4. the green manalishi (with th...

The Melvins: A History of Bad Men.

Finally, a version that isn't live. Thank me later. Everyone who listens to the Melvins is aware that the riff used in this song sounds like a heavier versio...

The Melvins - "Revolve" Ernie Ball Set Me Up Session

The Melvins are a legendary band, making moves since the 1980s, and serving as influencers to acts like Tool, Mastodon, Isis and more. Ernie Ball got the rar...