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The Melvins

The Melvins

Melvins - The War on Wisdom (Scion AV - OFFICIAL VIDEO)

For more content and information visit Melvins "The War on Wisdom" What's happening inside that garage? The video for this high-gear ripper from Melvins' The Bulls and The Bees EP (Scion A/V), tells the backstory, then delivers the devastating denouement. Supersoakers at the ready now, it's time to rock. Directed by: Mark Brooks -------- Subscribe to Scion AV for more exclusive videos from your favorite artists! - Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:


The Melvins - Live @ Hellfest 2011 (full set)

The Melvins - Live @ Hellfest 2011 (full set) Tracklist: 01-Hung Bunny 02-Roman Bird Dog 03-The Water Glass 04-Evil New War God 05-It's Shoved 06-Anaconda 07...

Melvins - Honey Bucket

Melvins - "The Talking Horse" Melvins "The Talking Horse" Directed by Behn Fannin Album: (A) Senile Animal ©2006 Ipecac Records Produced by Behn Fannin Starring ...

Melvins - 'Stag' (Full Album)

'Stag' (1996) 1.The Bit 0:00 - 4:42 2.Hide 4:42 - 5:31 3.Bar-X-The Rocking M 5:31 - 7:54 4.Yacobs Lab 7:54 - 9:09 5.The Bloat 9:09 - 12:50 6.Tipping the Lion...

Melvins - Houdini (1993) (Full Album)

Houdini is the fifth album by Melvins, which was released in 1993 through Atlantic Records. Track List : 01 Hooch - 0:00 02 Night Goat - 2:50 03 Lizzy - 7:31...

King Buzzo of the Melvins full acoustic set @ Grimey's Record Shop

in Nashville, TN. 3/18/14.

Melvins - 'The Maggot' (Full Album)

'The Maggot' (1999) First Part In The 'Trilogy' 1. AMAZON 0:00 - 7:28 2. we all love JUDY 7:28 - 10:00 3. manky 10:00 - 17:28 4. the green manalishi (with th...

The Melvins: A History of Bad Men.

Finally, a version that isn't live. Thank me later. Everyone who listens to the Melvins is aware that the riff used in this song sounds like a heavier versio...

The Melvins - "Revolve" Ernie Ball Set Me Up Session

The Melvins are a legendary band, making moves since the 1980s, and serving as influencers to acts like Tool, Mastodon, Isis and more. Ernie Ball got the rar...