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The Obsessed

The Obsessed

The Obsessed Biography


The Obsessed was a doom metal band from Maryland led by Scott "Wino" Weinrich, who also fronted Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, Place of Skulls and The Hidden Hand. The band formed originally in the early 1980s, in Potomac, Maryland led by Wino. Later on the group moved into a band house in Rockville, Maryland where some of their most creative and hardest music was written. Before this move however original guitar player John Reese went his separate way. The band became a trio and stayed that way until the mid eighties when Vance Bockis and Norman Lawson joined the band. During this time they released the "Sodden Jackyl" EP and had 1 track ("Concrete Cancer") featured on Metal Blade's "Metal Massacre VI". The band broke up in the late 80s and Wino went west to California to join up with Saint Vitus. Wino recorded 3 albums, an EP, and a live album with Saint Vitus. Hellhound Records (Vitus's then current lablel) released "The Obsessed", an album of archived Obsessed recordings which prompted Wino to leave Vitus and reform The Obsessed. The band was quickly signed to Hellhound Records and released 2 more albums. In spite of a series of line-up shifts, Columbia Records picked up their third album, "The Church Within", which received rave reviews but ended up being the band's last. After the demise of The Obsessed, Wino formed Spirit Caravan. Discography Albums: * The Obsessed (Hellhound Records 1990) * Lunar Womb (Hellhound Records 1991) * The Church Within (Hellhound Records/Columbia Records 1994) EPs/Singles * Sodden Jackyl 7" (Invictus Records 1983) * "Streetside" 7"/CD (Columbia Records 1994) * "To Protect and To Serve" 7"/CD (Columbia Records 1994) * Altamont Nation 7" (Bong Load Records 1995) * Instrumental 7" (Doom Records 1996) * Sodden Jackyl 7" (with different mixes) (Doom Records 1996) * split 7" with Mystick Krewe of Clearlight (both sides Lynyrd Skynyrd covers) (2001 Southern Lord Records) Compilations/Live/Reissue * History of The Obsessed (Doom Records 1997) * Live at the Wax Museum (Doom Records 1997) * Incarnate (Southern Lord Records 1999) * The Obsessed reissue w/live '84 CD (Tolotta Records 2000) * History of The Obsessed Volume II (Doom Records 2002) * Lunar Womb Reissue (MeteorCity Records 2006)

The Obsessed Metal Albums

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There’s a reason Dave Grohl invited Wino on board his all-star PROBOT project alongside metal icons Lemmy, King Diamond and Max Cavalera. It’s the same reason [...]

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