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The Red Chord

The Red Chord


The Red Chord- Dreaming In Dog Years

08 Album: Fused Together In Revolving Doors (2002) Artist: The Red Chord.

THE RED CHORD Make Fun of Everyone on Summer Slaughter 2010 // Metal Injection

For all our Summer Slaughter live videos/interviews visit - We attempted to interview Greg and Gunface of The Red Chord in the backstage ar...

Guy from the Red Chord sh-ts on everything - Metal Injection Interview

For more metal vids, hit up Guy from The Red Chord sits down with Rob from Metal Injection for a very honest and candid interview at...

The Red Chord's Greg Weeks talks to celebrities at NAMM 2010

Order at: Greg Weeks talks to all of his famous friends and some of his endorsers at NAMM 2010.

The Red Chord - Dreaming In Dog Years (Live @ Hellfest)

The Red Chord - Dreaming In Dog Years Live At Hellfest, Ripped From The DVD :)

THE RED CHORD - 'Antman'

taken from the album "Clients" Metal Blade Records 2005.

The Red Chord / Guy Kozowyk - BUS INVADERS Ep. 447

Guy Kozowyk from The Red Chord gives a tour of his band's van. Information about the video: Band - The Red Chord Film Date - August 9, 2010 Location - Chicag...

The Red Chord - Dreaming in Dog Years - from FF 2K3

The Red Chord Performs Dreaming In Dog Years at Furnace Fest 2003.

The Red Chord goes crazy in the studio