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The Red Chord

The Red Chord


The Red Chord- Dreaming In Dog Years

08 Album: Fused Together In Revolving Doors (2002) Artist: The Red Chord.

THE RED CHORD Make Fun of Everyone on Summer Slaughter 2010 // Metal Injection

For all our Summer Slaughter live videos/interviews visit - We attempted to interview Greg and Gunface of The Red Chord in the backstage ar...

Guy from the Red Chord sh-ts on everything - Metal Injection Interview

For more metal vids, hit up Guy from The Red Chord sits down with Rob from Metal Injection for a very honest and candid interview at...

The Red Chord's Greg Weeks talks to celebrities at NAMM 2010

Order at: Greg Weeks talks to all of his famous friends and some of his endorsers at NAMM 2010.

The Red Chord - Dreaming In Dog Years (Live @ Hellfest)

The Red Chord - Dreaming In Dog Years Live At Hellfest, Ripped From The DVD :)

The Red Chord / Guy Kozowyk - BUS INVADERS Ep. 447

Guy Kozowyk from The Red Chord gives a tour of his band's van. Information about the video: Band - The Red Chord Film Date - August 9, 2010 Location - Chicag...

The Red Chord - Dreaming in Dog Years - from FF 2K3

The Red Chord Performs Dreaming In Dog Years at Furnace Fest 2003.

GWAR and The Red Chord hate dogfighting!

Watch members of GWAR and The Red Chord fight and brawl—all in the name of protecting dogs!

THE RED CHORD - 'Antman'

taken from the album "Clients" Metal Blade Records 2005.