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The Sword

The Sword

The Sword - Freya (video)

This is the official video for the song "Freya" by Sword. One of my favourite songs, and a very well directed video, I might add. Play it LOUD!!! For more info on the band (especially on tours), check out And for a great blog-like account of the band's touring with Metallica, check: P.S.1: Sorry about the poor video & audio quality - I don't have a better one... P.S.2: If ads appear, I have NOTHING to do with them.


The Sword - Apocryphon + Bonus Tracks

Artist: The Sword Album: Apocryphon Year: 2012 # of tracks: 15 1 The Veil Of Isis 2 Cloak Of Feathers 3 Arcane Montane 4 The Hidden Masters 5 Dying Earth 6 E...

The Sword - Warp Riders

Artist: The Sword Album: Warp Riders Year: 2010 # of tracks: 10 1 Acheron/Unleashing The Orb 0:00 2 Tres Brujas 3:43 3 Arrows In The Dark 7:52 4 The Chronoma...

The Sword - Age Of Winters

Artist: The Sword Album: Age Of Winters Year: 2006 # of tracks: 9 1 Celestial Crown 2 Barael's Blade 3 Freya 4 Winter's Wolves 5 The Horned Goddess 6 Iron Sw...

The Sword - Gods Of The Earth [FULL ALBUM] (2008)

1. The Sundering - 2. The Frost-Giant's Daughter; 2:03 3. How Heavy This Axe; 7:05 - 4. Lords; 10:11 5. Fire Lances Of The Acient Hyperzephyrians; 15:08 6. T...

Rig Rundown - The Sword's Kyle Shutt & J.D. Cronise

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The Sword - Apocryphon [Full Album] 2012 [Extra Tracks]

The Sword - Apocryphon [Full Album] 2012 [Extra Tracks] Tracks 1. The Veil Of Isis 00:00 2. Cloak Of Feathers 05:53 3. Arcane Montane 10:58 4. The Hidden Mas...

Swords : Complete History of Swords (Full Documentary)

Swords : Complete History of Swords (Full Documentary) . 2013 This documentary as well as the rest of these documentaries shown here relate to important time...

RIDDLE OF STEEL: Secrets of the Viking Sword (720p)

WATCH PLAYLIST The Viking sword was the primary weapon of the Viking. It ...

Steven Universe - Steven the Sword Fighter