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Theocracy Biography


Theocracy started life as a one-man project created by Matt Smith, who played and sang everything on the self-titled debut album released at the end of 2003 on MetalAges Records. The album received fantastic reviews and worldwide acclaim within the Metal genre. The music Epic, melodic Power Metal with occasional progressive flourishes. Long songs, longer songs, short songs, fast songs, slow songs, midtempo songs, ballads...epic choirs, soaring vocals, pounding drums, crunchtastic guitars, and most importantly, melodies that get stuck in your head. After the album's release, drummer Shawn Benson and guitarist Jon Hinds joined, and Theocracy started playing shows locally and working on new material. The band's sophomore album, Mirror of Souls, is out now on Ulterium Records, and it meets the same high songwriting standard set on the debut disc. The production and the performances have all been taken up a level on Mirror of Souls though, and the 23-minute title track perfectly sums up everything Theocracy is about. The album has received spectacular reviews so far, and is available online and through retailers worldwide! Val Allen Wood recently was welcomed as new lead guitarist.

Theocracy Metal Albums

Mirror of Souls Thumbnail Image

Theocracy is a metal band from Athens, Ga. Characterized by huge choruses, epic arrangements and progressive elements, Theocracy s music is both immediate and deep, managing [...]

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