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Therion - Mon Amour Mon Ami

As a part of the Art Project related to Les Fleurs du Mal, Therion have made a video clip for Christofer's fave song on the album; Mon Amour Mon Ami. The clip was shot at Christofer Johnsson's decadent home Villa Adulruna and shows girlfriends brutally murdering band members, female band members murdering fellow band members and lovers. Buy the album here:


Therion - Les Fleurs Du Mal [Full Album]

Tracklist Les Fleurs Du Mal (2012): 00:05 Poupée De Cire, Poupée De Son 02:57 Une Fleur Dans Le Coeur 06:00 Initials B.B. 09:44 Mon Amour, Mon Ami 14:20 Poli...

Therion - Live Wacken Open Air 2007 Full Concert

Therion - Live Wacken Open Air 2007 Full Concert 00:12 The rise of Sodom and Gomorra 06:57 Schwarzalbenheim 10:57 Blood of Kingu 16:25 Wine of Aluqah 21:38 S...

Therion - Live Gothic - full

Therion - Live Gothic - full.

Therion - Secret of the Runes [Full Album]

Tracklist Secret of the Runes (2001): 00:06 - Ginnungagap (Prologue) 06:15 - Midgård 11:17 - Asgård 15:24 - Jotunheim 19:08 - Schwarzalbenheim 24:25 - Ljusal...

Therion - Theli 2014 (Reissue Bonus DVD)

Gravado no Impuls Studio, em Hamburgo, na Alemanha, THELI é o registro de canções que iria mudar para sempre a carreira da banda. O disco recebeu críticas ex...


Official music video for THERION "Adulruna Rediviva." SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST YouTube: SUBSCRIBE to THERION YouTube: http://bit.l...

Therion - Summernight City

Therion - Summernight City.

Therion - Gothic Kabbalah [Full Album]

Tracklist Gothic Kabbalah (2007): 00:07 Der Mitternachtslöwe 05:45 Gothic Kabbalah 10:19 The Perennial Sophia 15:13 Wisdom and the Cage 20:15 Son of the Stav...

Therion - Theli [Full Album]

Tracklist Theli (1996): 00:05 - Preludium 01:49 - To Mega Therion 08:22 - Cults of the Shadow 13:36 - In the Desert of Set 19:02 - Interludium 20:49 - Nights...