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Therion - Poupée de cire, poupée de son

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Therion - Live Gothic - full

Therion - Live Gothic - full.

Therion - Secret of the Runes [Full Album]

Tracklist Secret of the Runes (2001): 00:06 - Ginnungagap (Prologue) 06:15 - Midgård 11:17 - Asgård 15:24 - Jotunheim 19:08 - Schwarzalbenheim 24:25 - Ljusal...

Therion - Theli 2014 (Reissue Bonus DVD)

Gravado no Impuls Studio, em Hamburgo, na Alemanha, THELI é o registro de canções que iria mudar para sempre a carreira da banda. O disco recebeu críticas ex...


Official music video for THERION "Adulruna Rediviva." SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST YouTube: SUBSCRIBE to THERION YouTube: http://bit.l...

Therion - Gothic Kabbalah [Full Album]

Tracklist Gothic Kabbalah (2007): 00:07 Der Mitternachtslöwe 05:45 Gothic Kabbalah 10:19 The Perennial Sophia 15:13 Wisdom and the Cage 20:15 Son of the Stav...

Therion - Summernight City

Therion - Summernight City.

Therion - Theli [Full Album]

Tracklist Theli (1996): 00:05 - Preludium 01:49 - To Mega Therion 08:22 - Cults of the Shadow 13:36 - In the Desert of Set 19:02 - Interludium 20:49 - Nights...

Therion - Sirius B [Full Album]

Tracklist Sirius B (2004): 00:07 The Blood of Kingu 05:51 Son of the Sun 11:27 The Khlysti Evangelist 17:06 Dark Venus Persephone 21:08 Kali Yuga Part I & II...

Therion - Adulruna Rediviva and Beyond Budapest

An amazing show but..... serious technical problems on the recording (You can barely hear thomas) If you speak spanish, you can read my review here: https://...