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Therion - A'arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming [Full Album]

Tracklist A'arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming (1997): 00:06 In Remembrance 06:34 Black Fairy 12:30 Fly To The Rainbow 20:45 Children Of The Damned 25:16 Under Jolly Roger 29:52 Symphony Of The Dead 33:32 Here Comes The Tears **Therion Versions "Golden Embrace Soundtrack"** 36:54 Enter Transcendental Sleep 41:16 The Quiet Desert 45:09 Down The Qliphothic Tunnel 48:02 Up To Netzach/Floating Back **Original Soundtrack "Golden Embrance"** 52:11 The Fall Into Eclipse 55:56 Enter Transcendental Sleep 59:47 The Gates To A'arab Zaraq Are Open 01:01:12 The Quiet Desert 01:05:04 Down The Qliphothic Tunnel 01:07:57 Up To Netzach 01:10:51 Floating Back *"Golden Embrace" Art Movie 1997. Produced by Jan-Peter Genkel, Peter Tägtgren, Gottfried Koch and Therion.



Official music video for THERION "Adulruna Rediviva." SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST YouTube: SUBSCRIBE to THERION YouTube: http://bit.l...

Therion - Gothic Kabbalah [Full Album]

Tracklist Gothic Kabbalah (2007): 00:07 Der Mitternachtslöwe 05:45 Gothic Kabbalah 10:19 The Perennial Sophia 15:13 Wisdom and the Cage 20:15 Son of the Stav...

Therion - Deggial [Full Album]

Tracklist Deggial (2000): 00:08 Seven Secrets of the Sphinx 03:43 Eternal Return 10:54 Enter Vril-Ya 17:32 Ship of Luna 24:00 The Invincible 29:10 Deggial 34...

Therion - Theli [Full Album]

Tracklist Theli (1996): 00:05 - Preludium 01:49 - To Mega Therion 08:22 - Cults of the Shadow 13:36 - In the Desert of Set 19:02 - Interludium 20:49 - Nights...

Therion - Summernight City

Therion - Summernight City.

Therion - Sitra Ahra [Full Album]

Tracklist Sitra Ahra (2010): 00:06 Introduction/Sitra Ahra 05:30 Kings of Edom 14:22 Unguentum Sabbati 19:30 Land of Canaan 30:00 Hellequin 35:16 2012 39:31 ...

Therion - Poupée de cire, poupée de son

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Therion*Birth of Venus Illegitima

Therion video live.

Therion - Adulruna Rediviva and Beyond Budapest

An amazing show but..... serious technical problems on the recording (You can barely hear thomas) If you speak spanish, you can read my review here: https://...