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Throwdown Biography


There are three artists with the name Throwdown: 1) Throwdown are a straight edge metalcore band from Orange County, California. Their style is similar to that of bands such as Pantera and Sepultura, with the inclusion of inspirational lyrics and 'chugging' guitars. In total, they have had 9 releases. With their past two releases, they have changed their style from Hardcore to a more Metal direction. 2) Throwdown is a heavy metal band from Texas. 3) Throwdown is a hardcore band from the Sydney suburb, Cronulla, who are featured in many bodyboarding videos put out by underground tapes.

Throwdown Metal Albums

Vendetta Thumbnail Image

Special UK edition of the Metal band’s 2008 album featuring two bonus tracks: covers of ’Ghostriders In The Sky’ and ’Lookin’ Out My Back Door’. Blooddrunk [...]

Venom & Tears Thumbnail Image

Laaz Rockit’s first album with Bonus tracks remastered by Colin Davis of Imperial Mastering.

Haymaker Thumbnail Image

Throwdown have been the Orange County, California hardcore scene’s flagship band since 1997, grabbing the torch lit by the seminal OC punk bands of the ‘80s [...]

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