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Tombs Biography


Formed in January 2007, Tombs started as a collaboration between former Anodyne frontman Mike Hill, bassist Dominic Seita (ex-Speedloader) and drummer Justin Ennis (ex-The Heuristic). Since then Seita has been replaced by Carson James and Ennis by Andrew Hernandez (ex-ASRA). Tombs is the culmination of Hill's lifetime of work, a crushing, soulful sound, inspired by some diverse, almighty influences: the harsh minimalism of Black Flag, the psychedelic overdrive of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, the emotional ice of Godflesh, the sinister rock of Unsane and The Jesus Lizard, and Black Metal such as Deathspell Omega and Darkthrone.

Tombs Metal Albums

Winterhours Thumbnail Image

Brooklyn’s TOMBS deliver a stunning tour-de-force with their Relapse Records debut Winter Hours. The trio tread a unique musical path that draws equally from several disparate [...]

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