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Tool's "Holy Gift" (The Full Album)

The ultimate Tool fan cult album based off of the spiral reordering of Lateralus. It unlocks a different sound to the album as well as a dynamic story about the human mind, life, and after life (or whatever your interpretation may be). The only copy on Youtube (as of the upload date) to be uploaded in it's entirety and properly overlapped. Headphones are recommended. Link to video that explains reason for track order - 1) Parabol 2) Parabola 3) Schism 4) Ticks and Leeches 5) Mantra/Lateralus 6) Faaip De Oiad (Voice of God) 7) The Grudge 8) Triad 9) Eon Blue Apocalypse/Reflection 10) The Patient 11) Disposition Repeat the spiral The below link is the Holy Gift without Mantra and Eon Blue Merged. I was wanting to re-edit and upload another version like it. Thanks for the upload squmak! . No content owned by me, and I take no credit for discovering this realignment. I merely posted it since it wasn't up at the time. My two cents: Whether or not you agree with me, I felt that the purpose of Lateralus was to expand your horizons and think about different viewpoints from time to time and break away from linear thinking and consider the human race as a whole. I thought that this whole idea was kinda cool and fit with that thematically. Try your hardest to respect each other! I know it's hard. Play nice friends! Just because you listen to Tool you don't have to be one. =D


Tool 10,000 Days (Full Album)

Vicarious 0:00 Jambi 7:07 Wings For Marie (Pt. 1) 14:35 10000 Days (Pt. 2) 20:47 The Pot 32:01 Lipan Conjuring 38:23 Lost Keys (Blame Hofman) 39:34 Rosetta ...

Tool - Aenima (1996) (Full Album)

Part 5 of a series of 9 ReULs of DOOMSTONER93's videos that were deleted a couple of days ago.] Ænima ( /ˈɒnɪmə/[3]) is the second studio album by American ...

The Best of Tool

I made an album with the best songs tool has to offer. There's 11 songs because that's the maximum amount of space that a regular CD can hold. This is my fav...

Tool - Sober [hq - fullscreen] Tool's sober video clip from Salival DVD Links to Salival DVD Videos: Aenema =uCEeAn6_QJo Sober http://...

Tool - Schism

Music video for the song Schism by Tool.

Best Of TOOL - FULL ALBUM - 3 ½ HOURS! (320-Kbts)

OPIATE [1992] 1. "Cold & Ugly" 0:00 2. "Sweat" 3:48 3. "Hush" 7:24 UNDERTOW [1993] 4. "Prison Sex" 10:12 5. "Sober" 14:55 6. "Bottom" 19:58 7. "Crawl Away" 2...

Tool Undertow (Full Album)

Intolerance 0:00 Prison Sex 4:54 Sober 9:50 Bottom 14:56 Crawl Away 22:10 Swamp Song 27:39 Undertow 33:11 4 Degrees 38:33 Flood 44:35 Disgustipated 52:21.

▶ Tool Right in Two

The Excellent..!

46 and 2 by Tool / Presented by Aaron O'Keefe

You can download all of the students' songs for free here: A big thanks goes out to the following people: The students for ...