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Tool - The Pot

so it's not the official video, but it's good none the less. Enjoy.

Undertow by Tool (1993) Full Album

Undertow is the debut album by Tool, released April 6th, 1993. Here is Undertow in its entirety, with audio taken directly from a rare, original copy of the ...

46 and 2 by Tool / Presented by Aaron O'Keefe

You can download all of the students' songs for free here: A big thanks goes out to the following people: The students for ...

Tool - Right in Two

Tool - Right in Two This is an edited version of the video at : Credits to: Deftones As Above So Below Tool I have...

Tool - Parabola

The Music video for Tool's song "Parabola"

(Parody) Hitler Finds Out About The New Tool Album (2014)

My take on those millions of Hitler Rants parodies lol. Watch Part 2 here: Hitler is informed about the state of ...

TOOL - New Song Live Eugene 2014

A new part has been added to Opiate, but Adam claims that this is either a new song OR a new part in Opiate. Either way, it's NEW and it kicks ass!

Tool - Lateralus

Tool - Lateralus A video I created for the song Lateralus by Tool using various images I have acquired during time surfing the net. Artwor...

IRS Data Retrieval Tool - 2014-2015 FAFSA

This tutorial is intended to help students complete the IRS Data Retrieval process on the 2014-2015 FAFSA. It is provided by the Office of Financial Aid and ...