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Tool Lateralus (Full Album)

Track List The Grudge 0:00 Eon Blue Apocalypse 8:38 The Patient 9:41 Mantra 17:00 Schism 18:08 Parabol 24:56 Parabola 28:00 Ticks and Leeches 34:04 Lateralus...

▶ Tool Right in Two

The Excellent..!

Tool - The Pot

so it's not the official video, but it's good none the less. Enjoy.

46 and 2 by Tool / Presented by Aaron O'Keefe

You can download all of the students' songs for free here: A big thanks goes out to the following people: The students for ...

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TOOL - Full Concert [HD] - Live Key Arena Seattle,WA (07/10/2010)

TOOL Full Concert Complete in HD 720p Live at Key Arena in Seattle,WA on July 10,2010.

Tool - Stinkfist [hq - fullscreen] Tool's stinkfist video clip from Salival DVD Links to Salival DVD Videos: Aenema =uCEeAn6_QJo Sober htt...

Tool - Parabola

The Music video for Tool's song "Parabola"

Tool - Vicarious

Tool - Vicarious official music video clip.