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TOURNIQUET Official - Antiseptic Bloodbath - from ANTISEPTIC BLOODBATH

Download on iTunes - Download on Amazon - Buy the CD - Tourniquet Facebook - Antiseptic Bloodbath Words and music by Kirkpatrick 2000 years ago a sacrifice was made for us When the holy lamb of god gave his all upon the cross It's easy to forget, cause it happened long ago The details aren't important, plus we already know We sanitize brutality We casually let it wash right on past our heads For our comfort we maintain and live our life that way instead We sanitize brutality Antiseptic bloodbath - sanitize it please Don't upset my comfort zone -- brutal truth leave me alone The bible is given to those who receive But never forget what it took to achieve The black ink on white tames the bloodiest price The pages are dripping with the blood of Christ The blood of cloven hoof and feathered fowl stains the floor And no one but the workers hear their screams and the gore Their miserable lives were never meant for us to see So we who do not kill them we accept it by degree We sanitize brutality, we sanitize brutality Pneumatic bolt to pierce the skull dispatch them one by one Terrified they look on but there is nowhere to run Crammed in wire cages - mutilated and defeated On a factory farm of any life they're always cheated Lead: Guerra Antiseptic bloodbath - sanitize it please Don't upset my comfort zone -- brutal truth leaves me alone Their various parts packaged up oh so nice You can't see the blood as it sits on the ice The life from their bodies all washed down the drain You buy it so they do it over again Let not yourself become detached from innocent spilled blood But I cannot let my painted world get dragged right through the mud I cannot bear to look my suffering savior in the eye I cannot bear to hear their piercing screaming as they die Antiseptic bloodbath -- sanitize it please Lead: Pat Travers Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war With the cross of Jesus going on before Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe Forward into battle see His banners go Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war With the cross of Jesus going on before


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