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TOURNIQUET Official - Flowering Cadaver - from ANTISEPTIC BLOODBATH

Download on iTunes - Download on Amazon - Buy the CD - Tourniquet Facebook - Flowering Cadaver Words and music by Kirkpatrick Hidden deep in the Sumatran jungle Lives the mystical titan arum The natives call it bunga bangkai A behemoth among all plants Strange enough that years pass before it even flowers Stranger still that the flower emits the putrid stench of rotting flesh Bunga bangkai, bunga bangkai Like the titan arum, you only show your good side every few years On the inside like a rotting corpse, on the outside like a flowering cadaver The heart is wicked and deceitful Magnificent spectral florescence hides the inner sinful man Jungle Orphan Hindered At Noon Never Peering Out - Calmly Hovers Over Nusa Tenggara Out of the same mouth comes blessing and cursing Out of the same heart comes beauty and ugliness The very thing that I want to do, I end up doing the opposite Out of the same mouth comes building up and tearing down Out of the same heart comes kindness and cruelty The very thing that I want to do, I end up doing the opposite Lead: Guerra Bunga bangkai -- flowering cadaver


Rapid Application Tourniquet System

Rapid Application Tourniquet System (R.A.T.S.) The R.A.T.S can be rolled up into a compact size for putting in first aid kit, IFAK, Trauma Kit, Blow Out Kit,...

Tourniquet- Broken Chromosomes (ALBUM-Psycho Surgery)

Christian metal band Tourniquet.

Nightcore- Tourniquet

if you enjoyed with lithium you have to wacht this one too XD the style is the same and the song is A.W.E.S.O.M.E !! Original Song by: Evanescence I DO NOT O...

Tourniquet - Ark of Suffering

Tourniquet - Ark of Suffering.

tourniquet-Ark of suffering

A song dedicated to stop the animal abuse.

SOF tactical tourniquet instructional video

Video instructions for the SOFTT.

How To Do A Tourniquet Test for Dengue and Coastal Clean-Up

For the more complete and recent pathophysiology theory of Dengue read this: All Rights Reserved 2013 © ...

How to use apply and use a tourniquet: CAT/tactical and improvise

Per requests on I am doing some how to for basic field medicine. This is how to use a tourniquet. This covers a CAT and improvise ones. Thi...

RATS Tourniquet

Rapid Application Tourniquet System.