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Tourniquet - 86 BULLETS: A Tribute to Tyke - from the album Antiseptic Bloodbath

Join The Tourniquet Ark - Join The Barking Army - Join The Humane Society of the United States - Official Tourniquet - Purchase Antiseptic Bloodbath CD - 86 Bullets Words and music by Ted Kirkpatrick On a hot Hawaiian afternoon in 1994 9000 pounds of frustrated fury left the circus floor Years of strong-arm slavery performing silly tricks To give the callous crowd their share of foolish misplaced kicks We were not put here just to entertain you Just like humans -- we've got our own lives too We were not put here just to entertain you Tyke left the ring and made it out onto the street Half hour of gunfire finally knocked her off her feet Her short-lived freedom finally ended in a hail of bullets Her blood spilled in the streets - undeserving end to a noble creature We were not put here just to entertain you Just like humans -- we've got our own lives too You take away all the things God created us to do Profit from our misery as we dance on cue Step right up, step right up -- the cruelest show on earth is ready to entertain you. 86 bullets to finally bring you down


Tourniquet 02 Vanishing Lessons

Tourniquet é uma banda de Thrash metal cristão, surgiu em 1990 em Los Angeles, EUA. Álbuns: Stop the Bleeding (1990) Psycho Surgery (1991) Pathogenic Ocular ...

Rapid Application Tourniquet System

Rapid Application Tourniquet System (R.A.T.S.) The R.A.T.S can be rolled up into a compact size for putting in first aid kit, IFAK, Trauma Kit, Blow Out Kit,...

Tourniquet- Broken Chromosomes (ALBUM-Psycho Surgery)

Christian metal band Tourniquet.

Ted Kirkpatrick / Tourniquet - side project early guitar tracking - July 2013...

Tracking guitars - early phase of new side project. Tourniquet: Tourniquet Facebook:


des jeunes s'ennuyant dans leur campagne, et ayant décidé de faire marcher le tourniquet avec un scooter.Résultat un superbe vol plané hilarant !!

Tourniquet - Ark of Suffering

Tourniquet - Ark of Suffering.

Tourniquet - Psycho Surgery

Tourniquet Album: Psycho Surgery

SOF Tactical Tourniquet

Gear review on the SOF Tactical Tourniquet made by Tac Medical Solutions. Facebook ▻ Store ▻ http://shop.skinnyme...

Nightcore- Tourniquet

if you enjoyed with lithium you have to wacht this one too XD the style is the same and the song is A.W.E.S.O.M.E !! Original Song by: Evanescence I DO NOT O...