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Toxic Holocaust

Toxic Holocaust

TOXIC HOLOCAUST - "Nowhere to Run"

TOXIC HOLOCAUST - "Nowhere To Run" taken from the album 'Conjure and Command' SUBSCRIBE: Order at Relapse: Order at iTunes: Order at Bandcamp:‎ Available now on CD/Deluxe CD-DVD/LP/Deluxe 2xLP/Digital via Relapse Records. Filmed by Toxic Holocaust and Clockwise Media. Edited by Clockwise Media. Official links:‎ Lyrics: He's just like a vulture Like the wake awaiting its prey Devoid of all feelings Shrouded in black he remains The insatiable hunger For blood will never be quenched Victims lie headless Women and children are slain The faster you run The slower it seems to feel He's catching up to you He's there behind your back Appearing so stable But something in his mind just snapped He turns into your nightmare There's no chance of you fighting back Personifying evil The killer is loose on the streets But you'd never know it He could be you or me There's nowhere to run Nowhere to hide He'll take your life Make, make no mistake He's on your track Ready to strike Look out! He's coming for you!


Toxic Holocaust - An Overdose of Death (FULL ALBUM)

Álbum - An Overdose of Death Ano - 2008 Gênero - Speed/Thrash Black Metal Origem - Portland, Oregon (USA) 01 - Wild Dogs 02 - Nuke the Cross 03 - Endless Arm...

Toxic Holocaust - Conjure and Command [Full Album]

All Rights to Toxic Holocaust! Buy the Album: Band: T...

Toxic Holocaust - Full Album - Evil Never Dies 2003

Support the underground. Buy this stuff !

Toxic Holocaust - Hell On Earth (Full Album)

Hell on Earth (2005) 1 Intro 00:00 2 Metallic Crucifixion 01:26 3 Arise From The Cemetery 03:13 4 Send Them To Hell 06:14 5 Thrashing Death 09:20 6 Burn 11:5...

Toxic Holocaust - Brazilian Slaughter FULL SHOW

Toxic Holocaust - Brazilian Slaughter - LIVE 1. Intro 2. Metallic Crucifixion 3. Enemy of Jesus 4. War Is Hell 5. Hell on Earth 6. Deathmaster 7. Metal Attac...

TOXIC HOLOCAUST "Nuke The Cross" Official Video

Toxic Holocaust - "Nuke The Cross" Official Video.

TOXIC HOLOCAUST live at Saint Vitus Bar, Nov. 29th, 2013

Pit Full of Shit

Toxic Holocaust - Chemistry of Consciousness ALBUM REVIEW

Listen: While Toxic Holocaust's latest album is a fast, hard-hitting combination of thrash ...

Toxic Holocaust - Acid Fuzz (Lyrics - Subtitulos en Español) HD

TOXIC HOLOCAUST - "Acid Fuzz" taken from album: Chemistry of Consciousness (Released October 25th, 2013) Speed/Thrash/Black from USA VISITA EL CANAL - VISIT ...