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Triumph Biography


There are several artists called Triumph: 1) A Canadian rock band 2) A Scottish Christian rock band 3) A Brazilian black metal band 4) Italian eurobeat group 5) A Danish band playing random music 1. The Canadian rock band was popular in the late 1970s through the 1980s. Triumph began building their reputation across North America as a live band, peaking in the early 1980s as an import before interest gradually declined. Today, the power trio continue to receive radio airplay on Classic Rock stations and are perhaps best remembered for their positive message songs and their vibrant energetic concerts, complete with extravagant pyrotechnical light shows. Their popularity was extremely strong in Texas, where they first received strong radio attention; but, they were stellar standouts at California's US Festival, and garnered a considerable fan base and radio attention by regularly touring the world, especially throughout North America and Europe. The band was formed by Toronto music veterans Gil Moore (b. 1951) (drums/vocals) and Mike Levine (b. 1949) (bass/keyboards), after meeting talented guitarist/singer/songwriter Rik Emmett (b. 1953) in a manager's office [Neill Dixon & Steve Propas] in Toronto in 1975. Primary songwriter, guitarist and vocalist Rik Emmett left the group in 1988, Rick Santers and Phil Xenidis were temporary members for a while. It was in 2008 that Triumph briefly came back to life with Emmett finally agreeing to rejoin the band for a special Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the 2008 Canadian Juno Awards held in Calgary. The band rehearsed and did an impressive show, which was followed by a Swedish festival date in June 2008 It does not look like Triumph will perform more tour dates in the near future, as Rik Emmett has been busy promoting his successful independent career, with three releases in the past two years. His official site describes his devoted commitments which are highlighted on his website: Gil Moore has been preoccupied with building his successful recording school, Metal Works. Triumph have released 14 albums, their latest studio being Edge Of Excess in 1993 and Live at the US Festival in 2003. For more information and photographs of Triumph take a look at their official website, 2. A Scottish Christian rock band who released at least three albums. They were later known as Triumph UK] to distinguish themselves from the above band. Discography: * 1986 Triumph * 1987 Don't Look Back * 1989 Cry Freedom 3. Also a Brazilian Black Metal Band, formed in 1998 in Sao Paulo They released: * 1999 Discord is Our Impulse, Anarchy is Our Revolution * 2000 Dies Irae * 2000 …Walking To The Triumph… * 2002 Dominium (The Torment To He) * 2003 The Beginning of Chaos * 2004 Triumph… 4) Triumph is a eurobeat group that very occasionally appears on the Super Eurobeat compilations. 5) Triumph is a band, spawned in Vanløse by 2 guys named Hjalmar And Niklas. They started to create music right after a Slipknot koncert in Copenhagen. Their first 2 songs are made only by farts and burps recorded on the computer. A few days after 2 other guys joined, named Jonas And Johannes. Their greatest hits are God Tur Til Færøerne; a song dedicated to Niklas, and En Kæmpe Bunke Lort. They have plans to create more music in the future, but they need the right inspiration first. They also have plans to create all kinds of music; metal, rock, blues, techno, trance, world music. They have 3 albums on it's way; Tempting Sounds, Download This And Die and then the newest album The Ballet.

Triumph Metal Albums

Classics Thumbnail Image

Celebrating a decade after their groundbreaking album, ’The Sickness 10th Anniversary’ features the original tracklisting remixed by Neal Avron and remastered by Ted Jensen at Sterling [...]

Allied Forces Thumbnail Image

No Description AvailableNo Track Information Available Media Type: CDArtist: FOGHATTitle: BEST OF FOGHAT Street Release Date: 04/25/1989<Domestic or Import: DomesticGenre: ROCK/POPLike so many other bands who formed in the early ’70s, Foghat’s sound was [...]

Thunder Seven Thumbnail Image

Limited Edition Japanese pressing of this album comes housed in a miniature LP sleeve. 2008.

Never Surrender Thumbnail Image

Digitally remastered reissue from the original masters with expanded artwork which includes new photos & liner notes. Beggars Banquet.

Just a Game Thumbnail Image

Triumph, Just a Game

King Biscuit Flower Hour (In Concert) Thumbnail Image

This King Biscuit Flower Hour CD features the tracks ’Allied Forces’, ’Lay It On The Line’, ’Fight The Good Fight’ & more. Recorded on October 12, [...]

The Sport of Kings Thumbnail Image

This record has been beautifully remastered from the original analog mixes using the latest 24-bit digital technology, as part of the Triumph ”Millennium Remastered Series”. Approaching [...]

Rock & Roll Machine Thumbnail Image

This record has been beautifully remastered from the original analog mixes using the latest 24-bit digital technology, as part of the Triumph ”Millennium Remastered Series”. Approaching [...]

Progressions of Power Thumbnail Image

Originally Released Through Capitol Records in 1982, this is the 1998 Imported Reissue on the Aquarius Label. Features Much Power-Pop-Metal Tunege, I.e. ”Waiting for a Miracle”, [...]

Surveillance Thumbnail Image

Yet another Triumph catalog piece re-mastered from the original analog mixes, using the latest 24-bit digital technology. Originally released in 1987, it features the hits ”Never [...]

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