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Tsar of Russia

Tsar - 2009(Eng subs).

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Discovery Channel - Ultimates - Explosions - Tsar bomb segment

I used to have a recording of this from my local discovery channel asia but it kinda got lost 1/2 way through moving between computers so i probbly won't fin...

Tsar bomba

Assassin of the Tsar (HD)

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The King, The Kaiser & The Tsar, Part 1

The King, The Kaiser & The Tsar, Part 1.

Tsar Nicholas II & President Putin

Tsar Nicholas II's Coronation and President Vladimir Putin's Inauguration. The enemies of Russia have failed to destroy it and Russia is stronger than before...

The world's biggest bomb - Tsar Bomba

The biggest man made explosion EVER !

Tsar bomba (Discovery channel)

Information about the Tsar bomba, this video is 100% from discovery channel, I don't own any rights, I just upload it.