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Twilight Biography


There are at least 18 artists with this name: 1.) Consisting of masterminds of various notorious US black metal acts such as Wrest (Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice), Imperial (Krieg, March Into The Sea), Azentrius (Nachtmystium), Hildolf (Draugar) and Aaron Turner (Isis), the all star band Twilight plays rough, depressive black metal. Southern Lord Records released Twilight's self titled debut full length CD + LP in 2005 in the US while Total Holocaust Records handled the CD version for Europe. 2) Twilight is an Argentinian power metal band inspired by Stratovarius, Helloween or Sonata Arctica. 3.) A Danish progressive metal band that recorded two albums (Eye for An Eye - 1994 and The Edge - 1999) under the name Twilight, and is nowadays known as Beyond Twilight 4.) A Polish band which is said to be playing art rock. A previous name of the band was Xebec. Their official website: Some music: 5.) A Dutch Hardrock band playing hard rock based on ideas from the 80's mixed with modern guitar sounds and some funky beats. Consisting of the members Tommaso Sarri (Vocals), Frank van Kasteren (Lead Guitar), Joost Veldhoven (Bass), Anne Punt (Keys) and Fokke Slottje (Drums) 6.) Twilight is also the name of italo-disco band who released an LP and 12"s in the 1980s. 7.) Javier Martinez, a psytrance producer from Mexico. 8.) A demoscene musician who had a number of tracks released on the Mono series of net labels. 9.) An English synthpop band, who released one 7"/12" single "Just Me Alone b/w Talk To You". Band members were Steve Toth (vocals) and Andrew Mansi (synthesizer, songwriter). The a-side to their single was produced by Vince Clarke and Mansi was involved in Vince's band Erasure as a tour manager. Twilight never went on tour themselves and their only single was not a hit. 10.) A Polish Black Metal/Ambient band. 11.) A Mexican Death/Black Metal band. 12.) A Dutch Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient Folk band. 13.) A Greek Black Metal band. 14.) A German Power Metal band. 15.) A Finish Death Metal band. 16.) A Spanish Power Metal band. 17.) A Belgian Heavy Metal band. 18.) American teen sensation simply known as 'Twilight' has already shot to the top of the US Billboard 100 with debut single "Boys & Girls", and is rumoured to be collaborating with The Beatles. Q Magazine labelled her as "the biggest thing since the Holocaust".

Twilight Metal Albums

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Twilight just may be a U.S. black betal supergroup. Members of LEVIATHAN, XASTHUR, NACHTMYSTIUM, DRAGUAR, and DRAGUAR come together to completely redefine the genre.

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