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Twilight's Dilemma

Twilight has a problem, also a roommate for some reason. Neigh neigh Song is a snippet of Polkarama by Weird Al Yankovic, which is a snippet of Speed of Sound by Coldplay. Here is full thing: Now a short set of credits, table is here: Background is here: Flower is here: And finally, bird is here: This was something I thought up while walking the dog one day, many lols were had and I went home and started animating which took a few days. This is the result. These are their stories. Insert Law and Order reference here probably. Also Weird Al, I feel like I've been in a Weird Al drought of videos and needed to do something Weird Al because he is best. Anyways, here are my other things because that's just what I do at the end of every video description:


Twilight 3 Eclipse Edward kills Victoria

In Seattle, not far from Forks, Victoria attacks and bites Riley Biers, in order to begin creating an army of newborns with him. Back in Forks, Edward Cullen...

Twilight: Bella Finds Out She's Pregnant [FULL SCENE]

READ ME FIRST!!! for the rude people out there, stay the hell away from this video! And thank you so much for so many viewers, please watch my other video's ...

Everything Wrong With Twilight In 6 Minutes Or Less

You demanded it, and we suffered through watching it multiple times. We're scarred for life, but here's your sins video for Twilight, the modern vampire love...

Twilight Biology Class Scene Edward's Golden Eyes

The first time Edward saw Bella at Biology Class he spent the entire hour thinking that he could kill everybody just to taste her delicious and irresistible ...

Twilight Breaking Dawn: Bella and Edward Deleted Sex Scene - 2013 ^^^^^Everyone leave a hate comment on this article^^^^^

Twilight 1 Bella, her mum and Edward at the hospital

Seventeen-year-old Isabella "Bella" Swan moves to Forks, a small town near the Washington coast, to live with her father, Charlie, after her mother is remarr...

Twilight Deleted Scenes

Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn Part 1 Wedding scene

Bella Swan plans her wedding to Edward Cullen. During the reception that follows, she is visited by her friend, Jacob Black. While dancing with him, Bella ad...

Minecraft FTB Monster: Twilight Enchanting !!! (Modded Minecraft HermitCraft S3E52)

Minecraft FTB Monster - *LIKE* to keep this series going! :-) HermitCraft FTB is a white-list invite only server. The IP address is not available. ------------------- Back in the Twilight...