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Twilight Biology Class Scene Edward's Golden Eyes

The first time Edward saw Bella at Biology Class he spent the entire hour thinking that he could kill everybody just to taste her delicious and irresistible ...

Destiny Crucible Gameplay: Earth - Twilight Gap - A Winning Team - IGN First

A look at a Crucible map on Earth that you weren't able to experience in the Alpha or Beta. This will only be available in the full game.

Twilight 5 Breaking Dawn Part 2 Ending scene: Bella lets Edward read her mind

Bella awakens from her transformation from human to vampire, aware of her new abilities, but of changes within the coven, as Jacob has imprinted on her child...

Twilight 1 Bella, her mum and Edward at the hospital

Seventeen-year-old Isabella "Bella" Swan moves to Forks, a small town near the Washington coast, to live with her father, Charlie, after her mother is remarr...

Twilight Deleted Scenes

Destiny Gameplay - New Map! Twilight Gap! Earth!

IGN has revealed our first look at the Competitive Multiplayer Crucible Map, Twilight Gap, which is set on Earth! For the full walkthrough with informative commentary from both IGN's Ryan...

Twilight 4 Breaking Dawn Part 1 Wedding scene

Bella Swan plans her wedding to Edward Cullen. During the reception that follows, she is visited by her friend, Jacob Black. While dancing with him, Bella ad...

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 2 - "Carlisle's Death" Scene

Destiny NEW MAP TWILIGHT GAP! Destiny Multiplayer Gameplay Walkthrough PS4

Destiny NEW MAP Twilight Gap! Destiny multiplayer gameplay walkthrough of Twilight Gap from IGN on PS4 (also on Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360). Stay tuned to open world games for Destiny online...