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Twisted Sister

Twisted Sister


Come Out And Play - Twisted Sister (Full Album)

Since no one had this uploaded, i saw it my duty as a Twisted Sister fan to upload this fantastic album. I'll add the times at which the songs start later. "...

TWISTED SISTER on Doing Acid with Jerry Garcia, Money, Failure (Deleted Scene)

A rare, inspiring deleted scene from Louder Education S2 E4 w/ Twisted Sister's Jay Jay French & Testament's Alex Skolnick. Subscribe to Metal Injection on Y...

Twisted Sister - Burn In Hell Official banned

Twisted Sister - The Fire Still Burns + The Price @ Alcatraz Metal Festival Belgium 2014-08-09

Twisted Sister performing "The Fire Still Burns" and "The Price" live at Alcatraz Metal Festival, Kortrijk (Belgium) - 2014-08-09. "The Fire Still Burns" sta...

Stay Hungry Twisted Sister

Songs belong to Twisted Sister.

Twisted Sister -- Stay Hungry [FULL ALBUM]

After being requested to make this (and seeing that the other video of this album had been deleted), I decided to make my own, so here it is: Twisted Sister'...

twisted sister - leader of the pack

from 1985.


Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock Live - Heavy Montreal 2014

Twisted Sister playing I Wanna Rock live on day 2 of Heavy Montreal 2014 on August 10, 2014. Dee Snider asks the crowd if they wanna rock or wanna fuck at 4:15.