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Tyr Biography


Not to be confused with the Faroese metal band Týr. There are at least three artists that use the name Tyr. 1) Tyr is a drum & bass / electronica artist from Iceland. 2) Tyr is a heavy metal band from Spain, formed in 1994. They are signed up with Mox Records. 3) Tyr is a split-up black metal band from Finland, who released one demo in 2005.

Tyr Metal Albums

By the Light of the Northern Star Thumbnail Image

The TYR Vikings have completed their latest work under the glow of the North Star. On ’By the Light of the Northern Star’ the Faroese band [...]

Dark Medieval Times Thumbnail Image

Debut album for Norwegian dark metal act who won best album in Terrorizer’s 1999 reader’s poll. Seven tracks that set the standard for extreme metal, including [...]

The Age of Nero Thumbnail Image

Two CD Special Edition pressing of the Norwegian Metal band’s 2008 album includes a bonus CD with eight bonus tracks and two enhanced videos, housed in [...]

Eric the Red Thumbnail Image

The Faroe Islands’ lone metal band, TYR have also produced the island’s best-selling album, now finally available domestically. Few Viking metal bands can compare to TYR’s [...]

How Far To Asgaard Thumbnail Image

Out of print for many years, TYR’s early musical signs of life are almost as secretive as the band’s reclusive homeland, the Faeroe Islands. Yet fans [...]

Ragnarok Thumbnail Image

Recorded at Chateau Du Pape and Crazy Cat Studios, Hamburg, Germany, and Mi Sueno, Tenerife, Spain. All tracks have been digitally remastered and features the 4 [...]

Volcano Thumbnail Image

Great sorrow from the Norwegian legends ULVER. Music driven to despair, all sad and solitary, written and produced under the threat of extinction. SHADOWS OF [...]

Kingdom of Might Thumbnail Image

2009 release from these Metal heads. Woe of Tyrants began in 2004 with several goals in mind, the main being to create heavy, intelligent music that [...]

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