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Týr - Regin Smidur [With Lyrics] HD

Extension for Chrome/Firefox with searcher and my videos: This is one of my favourite songs from Tyr and I thought that putting the translation in the video would look awful so I left only the original lyrics. The lyrics translated: =============================== Týr - Regin Blacksmith: Will you now listen whilst I will sing. About the rich kings that I will now speak of Chorus; Greyfell carried the gold from the heath He swung his sword in wrath Sigfried defeated the dragon Greyfell carried the gold from the heath Hundings sons at war they did damage there Poison was in the sword they carried against me Chorus Fafnir is the name of the dragon that lies on the Glittering Heath Regin is a good blacksmith to few is he faithfull Chorus He was on fields of play rages amongst men Tears up large oak trunks he maims some to Hel Chorus On the easten side under the mound where heroes grow in numbers Dark is this sad day down in the mould to go Chorus A man stepped forward upon the field Noone knew him He had a wide hat on his head and a Finnish bow in his hand Chorus A man stepped forward upon the field raging with his sword He had one eye and his trouser legs were buttoned Chorus The dragon has slithered of the gold it is rumoured widely Sigfried seats himself on Greyfells back he prepares himself to ride Chorus ===============================


Tyr - The Lay of Thrym (FULL ALBUM)

Obviously I don't own this but it's not up as an entire album yet so here.

Týr "The Lay of Our Love" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Týr "Blood of Heroes" (OFFICIAL)

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Tyr - Regin Smidur

TYR - The Evening Star of Valhalla Rising

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Tyr - By The Sword In My Hand

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