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Tyr interview

This is an extremely silly interview with the band "Tyr" which will appear on "TOTAL METAL RETARDATION" Tyr has been interviewed by Bill Zebub a few times for various documentaries. Not that you have seen the serious side, you can take an alternate look and enjoy the comedic side of the band. Please bear in mind that this interview was done for fun, and nothing was meant to disrespect the really cool people in the band. You can see ultra dry interviews in lots of places, but it will be hard for you to find something this retarded anywhere else. Enjoy, and await the DVD patiently (expected to be released in 2013)


TYR - How far to Asgaard [FULL ALBUM]

Band: Tyr Disc: How far to Asgaard ALL RIGHTS FOR THE BAND "TYR".

10: Tyr - The Lay Of Thrym

The tenth song of the album "The Lay of Thrym" by the Faroese folk metal band "Tyr". Tyr's offcial website: Lyrics: Hammertheft a...

Tyr - Ormurin Langi

Tyr Ormurin Langi 2002 How far to Asgaard Awesome Viking Metal Enjoy people and dont forget to comment.

SMITE Tyr Gameplay - "Owwwwwww"

SMITE Tyr Gameplay Commentary Check out my live stream! SMITE Gameplay Playlist: ---------------------------...

Tyr - Regin Smidur

TÝR "Blood of Heroes" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Order at: TÝR performed live on August 10th, 2013 as part of the Faroe Island's Summarfestivalurin in Klaksvik. Over 8000 Faro...

Tyr - Turið Torkilsdóttir

From By The Light Of The Northern Star.

Tyr - God of War

A helluva song by the Faroese band TYR.

Smite - Skin Spotlights : PrivaTyr Tyr

FG3000 presents: PrivaTyr SMITE Skin Playlist: LiveStream: 6pm-9pm CST.