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Sig:Ar:Tyr - Dreaming Of The Dawn

"Dreaming Of The Dawn" from the album "Sailing The Seas Of Fate". Lyrics: [Halvdan:] - "Ill omens my friend, look, Ymir's blood drifts into the dawning sun, and colours it as red as raven's mead, I warn you again of this dark ambition!" [Vidar:] - "Nay, my destiny is writ in stone, as it is for all men. Fear not or fear greatly, for our wyrd is upon us! May the gods watch our path, and Tyr light our way. The doom of our folk is upon us. Quickly they ever fall to the sign of the southern cross. Our fate must be decided! We must sail at once!" [Halvdan:] - "To the north, then?" [Vidar:] - "Aye... to the north..." The red runes spoke of these dark days A tale forgotten beneath the dying sun A darkened plague, eclipsing all that should be To the north we sail, beyond the mists of time From ancient lore, a stone from above In the farthest north, beneath the ice and snow To turn back the southern shadow, To reverse the river of Freya's tears "That ninth I know: if need there be, to guard a ship in a gale. the wind I calm, and the waves also And wholly soothe the sea." - Havamal Walvater do not desert us We throw the last spear, across the field of history To pierce the side of the martyr To rape the fields of their lies We dream of the dawn, of honour and legend To burn brighter than a thousand suns Our song will lift high, our blood will run deep Into the veins of the earth, and colour the snow


Tyr - By The Sword In My Hand

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Tyr - Ormurin Langi

Tyr Ormurin Langi 2002 How far to Asgaard Awesome Viking Metal Enjoy people and dont forget to comment.

Black Sabbath TYR (Full album)

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Tyr - Tróndur í Gøtu

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