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TYR - Nornagest Ríma

Well this is a "hidden" part of the song which is found on the How far to Asgaard album by TYR. Its named Nornagest Ríma, a traditional Faroese ballad (kvæði). (thank you Kerros9292 for the information) All credit for this explanation goes to Óli of the official Týr forum: "Nornagestur comes to the court of King Ólafur Tryggvasvon (Icelandic spelling) who was the king who was trying to christenize Iceland, Norway and the Faroes. Nornagestur tells of his long life and his memories of heroes of the past. He has with him a candle. In the end Nornagestur is babtized, the flame of the candle dies out and Nornagestur dies as well."


10: Tyr - The Lay Of Thrym

The tenth song of the album "The Lay of Thrym" by the Faroese folk metal band "Tyr". Tyr's offcial website: Lyrics: Hammertheft a...

TYR - The Evening Star of Valhalla Rising

Grupo: TYR Canción: Evening Star Disco: The Lay os Thrym (2011) Imágenes: Valhalla Rising (2009) Montaje: LESTER LESTEGAS (07/12/2012) LETRA Days are long an...

Tyr - By The Sword In My Hand

From By The Light Of The Northern Star.

TÝR "Blood of Heroes" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Order at: TÝR performed live on August 10th, 2013 as part of the Faroe Island's Summarfestivalurin in Klaksvik. Over 8000 Faro...

Black Sabbath TYR (Full album)

1 .Anno Mundi: 00:00 2. Law Maker 06:12 3. Jerusalem 10:06 4.The Sabbath Stones 14:06 5. The Battle of Tyr 20:51 6. Odin's Court 22:00 7. Valhalla 24:41 8. F...

Tyr - Tróndur í Gøtu

From By The Light Of The Northern Star.

Tyr - Ormurin Langi

Tyr Ormurin Langi 2002 How far to Asgaard Awesome Viking Metal Enjoy people and dont forget to comment.

Black Sabbath - The Battle Of Tyr / Odin's Court / Valhalla

TYR - Hail to the Hammer TYR's video "Hail to the Hammer" was shot on the Faroe Islands. While the Western winds ravag...