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Tyr Ramund Hin Unge

A Faroese viking metal band is playing here, this song is called "Ramund Hin Unge" probably my favorite song by this band. Lyrics: The Young Raymond "Raymond was a better man if he was better clad" The queen gave him fine clothes of blueyarn, bast and leather "I do not want such," said Raymond "It does not suit me," said the yound Raymond Raymond walked along the salty beach There he saw seven giants standing "I will take Raymond on my smallest hand. And throw him far offshore" "You will not do that alone," said Raymond "You must come all seven of you," said the young Raymond Raymond took his dear sword The one he called the red Dimling He hew the seven giants simultaneously So that they bled to death "There they lie, all seven of them," said Raymond "And I still stand here," said the young Raymond The Emperor looked out the window In fright and with a sad face "Who is that man that stands in the yard and laughs so terribly" "It is I, and I would like," said Raymond "To challenge you to fight," said the young Raymond Raymond took his large knife The one he called the dear Dimling He took the Emperor's Life So that the head flew fifteen miles "I thought it was blunt," said Raymond "And yet the blood flows," said the yound Raymond Category: Music Tags: Tyr Ramund Hin Unge Viking Metal Progressive Norse Faroase Islands Eric The Red License: Standard YouTube License


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Tyr Ramund hin Unge Lyrics

A metal version of an old danish folksong,it was written down in the late 1600, but it proberbly dates back to late viking age/ medieval times. Enjoy the son...