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Uli Jon Roth

Uli Jon Roth

Videos Interview With Uli Jon Roth By Mark Taylor

Uli Jon Roth has been delighting fans for the past year by revisiting his past in The Scorpions whom he played guitar for between 1973 until 1978 on such cla...

Deep Purple & Uli Jon Roth - Smoke on the Water (live @ Wacken Open Air 2013)

I'm sorry for record quality.

The Sails of Charon - Uli Jon Roth - São Paulo - 22/06/2013

The Sails of Charon - Uli Jon Roth - São Paulo - 22/06/2013 - Complete Song in HD.

Billy Corgan und Uli Jon Roth (6/6)

Uli Jon Roth - The Summer

There we go, The Summer is finally uploaded. This upload, unlike many others on youtube, contains all three parts of this Season. It's been created by Antoni...

UFO Michael Schenker Uli Jon Roth Rock bottom live

Uli Jon Roth-Cry Of The Night

Roth's video with Sky Orchestra(amazing Sky guitar)

The Jimi Hendrix Tribute Concert April 1991 - Koln - Uli Jon Roth - Jack Bruce - Simon Phillips

The Jimi Hendrix Concert - Köln, E-Werk, 25. April 1991 Jack Bruce - b, voc Michael Flexig - voc Francoise Garny - b Randy Hansen - g, voc Oliver Hennlich - ...

Uli Jon Roth & Electric Sun - Earthquake

My favourite guitarplayer ever, enjoy :)