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Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam Biography


There is more than one band or artist called Uncle Sam: 1) Uncle Sam, born Ryan Pfau, first started out as a Disc Jockey in a roller skating rink and after high school went on to college- transitioning to reggae and dancehall music. The first sound system Sam selected was Tri-Star Disco, and through the years he realized the best thing for him was to acquire a college degree. Sam decided to finish his Bachelors at the University of Central Florida - moving on to an Associate in Science in Horticulture Production. After completing his schooling, Uncle Sam continued DJ-ing in Orlando, gradually making his way to the microphone. This started when he flipped the record over to play the instrumental in a dance while singing on top of it. Receiving rave reviews he decided to take it a step further. He worked with different bands and subsequently became resident at Bob Marley’s club in City walk at Universal, Orlando, with a band called Mystik NRG. This jump-started his vocal career allowing him the privilege of singing in festivals and other large events. As time went by, Uncle Sam put together a band while taking the stage along side artists like Lady Saw, Macka Diamond, Frankie Paul, Spragga Benz, Byron Lee & the Dragonaires, Kevin Little, Rupee, Allison Hinds, Destra. web: 2) Uncle Sam, the Rochester NY based punk/metal crossover act whose debut album "Heaven or Hollywood" was released in 1988. The band split in 1993 after two more albums; "Letters from London" and "Fourteen Women.. Fifteen Days". See,

Uncle Sam Metal Albums

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Arguably the bands best record! This version, from Mayhem Records, contains a 2nd disc featuring 4 songs captured live – including ’Your River,’ ’A Sea to [...]

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