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Chronic Syndrome - Fifth Song (Vocals will be recorded soon.)

Chronic Syndrome - Fifth Song Chronic Syndrome: Vocals/Lyrics: Vincent Pol Guitar 1: Amor Prestoza Guitar 2: James Ang Bass: Bobby Legaspi KORG PadKontrol/Recordist: Jet Sugnan Video recorded with Samsung Galaxy S III


Unearth "Watch It Burn" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Unearth's video for "Watch It Burn" from the album "Darkness in the Light". Directed by Scott Hansen.

Unearth - Alive From The Apocalypse DVD (

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Unearth - The March: The making of documentary

Unearth recording their 2008 album "The March".

Unearth "Alive from the Apocalpyse" DVD 2 - Documentary (OFFICIAL)

Features the 90+ minute documentary covering Unearth's formative underground roots in Eastern Massachusetts, early DIY tours, plus the highs and lows experie...

HEAR THEIR GEAR - Unearth Godlyke Distributing Presents 'HEAR THEIR GEAR" This episode we walk with Ken Susi & Buz McGrath of Unearth as they go over how they ...

Unearth "Eyes of Black" (OFFICIAL)

Order here: Unearth's "Eyes of Black" from their album "Darkness in the Light".

UNEARTH "FALSE IDOLS" official video

Live, backstage and area footage shot at the Boston, San Francisco, Anaheim and Hollywood stops of "The Oncoming Storm 10th Anniversary Tour" by Wet Waffle P...

Vinnie Paul on Pantera reunion update – new Unearth + tour – Butcher Babies EP – TDEP + Benton, Rage

Vinnie Paul on Pantera reunion, update interview with EMP Rockinvasion – new Unearth album title + tour with Darkest Hour, Carnifex, Origin and more! – Butch...

Unearth - New Song (The Swarm) at Heavy Montreal 2014

Unearth unveils a new song off their upcoming record due this October at Heavy Montreal 2014.